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  1、你没尽自已最大努力去做这件事。You didn’t do your best to do it。

  2、他已经拜访亲戚了。He visited relatives before。

  3、我昨晚很疲劳。I was very tired last night。

  4、冰冰刚吃了点东西。Bingbing ate sonmething before。

  5、她什么时候上一年级?When was she in Grade ?

  6、我昨日看电视了。I watched TV yesterday。

  7、我们昨日没在一齐。We weren't together yesterday。

  8、我以为你病了呢。I thought you were ill。

  9、她去年上年级。She was in Gradelast year。

  10、我们昨日在一齐。We were together yesterday。

  11、艾米早就上网了。Amy surfed the net before。

  12、他昨日很忙。He was busy yesterday。

  13、她以前跳舞。She danced before。

  14、那些日子他总是工作到深夜。He always worked into night those days。

  15、上周他们在上海。They were in Shanghai last week。

  16、我不明白你在巴黎。I didn''t know you were in Paris。

  17、你们什么时光在一齐?When were you together?

  18、他昨日不忙。He was not busy yesterday。

  19、几分钟前他们还在那里。They were here only a few minutes ago。

  20、上星期他们打过网球。He played tennis last week。

  21、这天早晨,我跟朱丽亚说了几句话。I had a word with Julia this morning。

  22、我们昨日没有玩好。We did not have a good time yesterday。

  23、那男孩把眼睛张开了一会儿,看看船长,然后就去世了。The boy opened his eyes for a moment,looked at the captain,and then died。

  24、他这天上午没上课。He didn’t have classes this morning。癫痫发作是什么症状

  25、你两天前没来学校。You were absent from school two days ago。

  26、这天早晨,我跟朱莉娅说了几句话。I had a word with Julia this morning。

  27、托尼已看过电影了。Tony saw a movie before。

  28、你们昨日在一齐吗?Were you together yesterday?

  29、我刚回到家。I came home just now。

  30、昨日你们在哪里?Where were you yesterday?

  31、她去年上几年级?Where was she last year?

  32、我以前从不喝酒。I never drank wine。

  33、安妮在早上唱歌了。Ann sang this morning。

  34、史密斯先生昨日买了一辆新车。Mr。 Smith bought a new car yesterday。

  35、Ben已经吃过午饭了。Ben had lunch before。


  1、 They were over there a moment ago. 刚才他们在那边。

  2、I did my homeword yesterday。 我昨日做了家庭作业。

  3、 What did Li Lei do last weekend? 李雷上周末干什么了?

  4、 My school trip was great。 我的'学校郊游棒极了。

  5、 Were Wei Hua and Han Mei here just now�t 刚才魏华和韩梅在这儿吗?

  6、He played basketball for a whole afternoon the day before yesterday。 他前天下午打了一下篮球。

  7、 I was in the classroom yesterday morning. 昨日早上我在教室里。

  8、 The girl didn’t play puter games yesterday afternoon。

  9、 He was at school last Tuesday. 上周二他在学校。

  10、 How was his father last week? 他父亲上周怎样样?

  11、 Old Henry wasn’t happy last Friday。 上星期五老亨利不高兴。

  12、 I played tennis last weekend。 我上周末打网球了。

  13、 Whenever we were in trouble, he would help u天津癫痫好医院s。 每当我们遇到困难,他都会帮忙我们。

  14、 We often went out for a walk after supper。 我们过去常在晚饭后散步。

  15、 What did he buy yedterday?

  16、 I wondered if you could help me。 不知你能不能帮我一下。

  17、I went to visit my sister yesterday。 我昨日去看望我姐姐了。

  18、I watched a great movie the day before yesterday。 我前天看了部很棒的电影。

  19、I had dinner with my friends last night。昨晚我和朋友们一齐吃晚餐。

  20、 We usually played together。 我们通常一齐玩。

  21、 I got up at : yesterday。 我昨日:起床。

  22、 Beijing held the Olimpic Games in 。

  23、 He played basketball on the playground yesterday。昨日他在操场上打篮球。

  24、 What time did you get up yesterday ?你昨日几点起床?

  25、 What did you do yesterday? 你昨日做了什么事?


  1、I was very tired last night。我昨晚很疲劳。

  2、He always worked into night those days。那些日子他总是工作到深夜。

  3、He was busy yesterday。他昨日很忙

  4、I had a word with Julia this morning。这天早晨,我跟朱丽亚说了几句话。

  5、He played tennis last week。上星期他们打过网球。

  6、We did not have a good time yesterday。我们昨日没有玩好

  7、He didn’t have classes this morning。他这天上午没上课

  8、You didn’t do your best to do it。你没尽自已最大努力去做这件事

  9、You were absent from school two days ago。你两天前没来学校。

  10、He was not busy yesterday。他昨日不忙。


  1、 Last Saturday evening, I went to t昆明有没有癫痫专科医院he movies with some friends。

  2、 The woman sent her thanks to the old man。

  3、 The woman expressed her appreciation to the old man。

  4、 Lots of students took part in the lecture yesterday。

  5、 The woman felt verygrateful to the old man。

  6、 Soon two policemen in a police car came and arrested the thief。

  7、 I spent my summer vacation in Shanghai last year。

  8、 There was a park near our school。

  9、 The firemen arrived, and soon the fire was under control。

  10、 The woman appreciated the old man very much。


  1、He was in Beijing last year。

  2、I wasn't a student。

  3、She got lost just now。

  4、How many books did you buy?

  5、I heard some noise outside。

  6、How did you go there?

  7、He did not find me yesterday

  8、He was late for school yesterday。

  9、Did you go to school last Sunday?

  10、When did you do to bed last night?

  11、When I was young ,I liked playing gootball,

  12、I cried at home last night。

  13、I washed my face yesterday。

  14、I was a student。

  15、He travelled to Australia two weeks ago。

  16、I caught my cat in the garden this morning。

  17、He bought a pen。

  18、How much did you cost?


  19、Who taught you ,when you were young?

  20、What did you do last Friday?




  例A:He worked very hard last year。


  例B:Mr。 Smith bought a new car yesterday。





  yesterday,yesterday morning (afternoon,evening ),just now (刚才),before (以前),then (at that time )(当时),last +时光 (如 last week,month,year,Monday,… January,… spring,),that +时光 (如 that day,afternoon,summer,…,etc。 ),时光 + ago (如 a few minutes ago,two weeks ago ,years ago,… etc。)

  需要注意的是:“过去”的概念并不是只指如 “yesterday,last week,… ” 等,实际上“与此刻对立的过去”,亦即“非此刻的以前”,哪怕是“过了说话时光的几分钟之前”,只要所要表达的时光与说话时的“此刻”构成对立,就务必使用一般过去时来表达。例如:

  I came home just now。


  He was here only a few minutes ago。





  否定句很简单,didn't 站在动词原形前,其它部分不要变。














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